Accommodation Alternative in Hotels

Alternative accommodation can simply be defined as 'all these types of accommodation available outside the formal or organized accommodation sector'. These establishments offer bed and breakfast and some basic guest services at a reasonable price.

An alternative accommodation, thus offering its users sleeping space and modest food. There are certain features that meet the needs of a large group.

Residences such as palaces, dharmshalas, dak bungalows, circuits, houses, inspection bungalows, lodges, youth hostels, yatri niwas, forest lodges built for the well-being of ordinary travelers are examples of alternative accommodation.

These accommodation facilities are mostly found at popular pilgrimage sites. They are often built by welfare organizations, social organizations, or even the government, and provide basic security and sleeping facilities for a small fee.

Dak Bungalow/Circuit House
These accommodations are located in remote areas and places with beautiful views. All these properties have a timeless charm and an old world hospitality as well as the heavy traffic and a special cuisine that forms part of the charm. Often these are the only accommodation in remote areas.

Bed and Breakfast
Lodges are modest hotels located far or far from the city centre. These are self-contained establishments that offer standard amenities such as clean and comfortable rooms and food and beverage (F&B) services.

Hostels are establishments that provide accommodation and meals for a certain period of time or for a certain period of stay, usually on weekends.

Youth Hostel
Young people from both rural and urban areas travel for a variety of reasons, including education, adventure and entertainment. Youth hostels were set up to cater to young people on the move who could not afford the high hotel rents.

A youth hostel usually provides low-cost dormitory accommodation with shared bathroom and cafeteria facilities. They can also provide kitchens where you can prepare your own meals.

Yatri Niwas
A yatri niwas provides low-cost, self-service accommodation to domestic tourists in cities. The emphasis is on modest comfort and affordability. They are often frequented by people during short breaks when traveling between places or by families on a modest budget.

These properties are located in historical, cultural and natural areas.

Campgrounds/Tourist Camps
Campsites are normally found in open areas inside cities. They provide parking spaces along with water, electricity and toilet. Camps have to comply with certain regulations regarding the quality and cost of services and are established by municipalities.

Railway/Airport Retirement Rooms
A rest room is for the convenience of transit passengers. These are located at a major train station and at domestic and international airports. They ensure that rest rooms are available at reasonable rates and are often air-conditioned. Reservation for this is made through the station chief or airport manager.

It is equipped with clean sanitation facilities and may include F&B facilities for a fee.

Guest Accommodation Fee
Paid guest (PG) accommodation is non-institutional accommodation offered by individual households in a variety of destinations. Alongside tourist havens like Goa, this type of accommodation is becoming popular with foreign station students in major metropolitan cities and young immigrants working from other cities.

Guests normally pay for the accommodation, the rules for F&B services may differ from host to host.