• Adapazarı Hotel Selection

    Adapazarı Hotel Selection

    Adapazarı district is the central district of Sakarya and our guests outside the city are Sakarya or Adapazarı by us? The question has always existed.

  • Tricks of Economic Accommodation

    Tricks of Economic Accommodation

    For an affordable hotel experience, Roof 264 is for you. We are working with all our strength to provide you with a more economical accommodation experience by minimizing energy and personnel expenses, which are the biggest expense items in hotel management.

  • Searching for a Hotel in Sakarya

    Searching for a Hotel in Sakarya

    If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels in Sakarya, you are at the right place. Roof 264 is located in Serdivan district of Sakarya province and is a budget hotel.

  • Hotels near Sapanca

    Hotels near Sapanca

    Roof 264, which is among the hotels close to Sapanca, is only 20 km from Sapanca. It is one of the hotels where you can safely stay in big hotels in Sapanca without paying big Mevlans.

  • Finding a Hotel in Serdivan

    Finding a Hotel in Serdivan

    Roof 264, located in Serdivan district of Sakarya, is a hotel where guests, who are invited to participate in scientific, cultural and social activities organized by Sakarya University, with their members, retirees, students and relatives, can stay peacefully and safely.

  • Sakarya An Earthquake Zone

    Sakarya An Earthquake Zone

    Since Sakarya is located in the first degree earthquake zone, these studies are of great importance for Sakarya.

  • Serdivan Hotel

    Serdivan Hotel

    ROOF 264 Hotel & Suites Serdivan Hotel ...

  • Sakarya Hotel

    Sakarya Hotel

    Bringing a new color to the Sakarya hotel understanding, Roof 264 is among the first preferred hotels with its location.

  • Hotel Traffic Plans

    Hotel Traffic Plans

    The various traffic patterns followed by the hotels are identified with the area where these patterns emerge. Hotels charge their guests according to European, Continental, American, Bed & Breakfast meal plans. We will briefly touch on these plans. These are followed as follows:

  • Accommodation Alternative in Hotels

    Accommodation Alternative in Hotels

    Alternative accommodation can simply be defined as 'all these types of accommodation available outside the formal or organized accommodation sector'. These establishments offer bed and breakfast and some basic guest services at a reasonable price.

  • Classification of Hotels by Property

    Classification of Hotels by Property

    On the basis of ownership of a hotel, they can be divided into the following categories: Ownership Proprietary property is the direct ownership of one or more properties by an individual or company. Small accommodation properties by person or company. Small lodging properties owned and operated by a couple or family are jointly owned.

  • Classification of Hotels by Length of Guest Stay

    Classification of Hotels by Length of Guest Stay

    According to the length of guest stay, hotels can be divided into the following categories: Commercial Hotel The guest stays at these hotels are short, ranging from a few days to a week.

  • Classification of Hotels on the Basis of Customer

    Classification of Hotels on the Basis of Customer

    The hotel meets the needs of its guests. Every individual or group of people who maintain a hotel has different needs. Some prefer luxury accommodation, while others prefer to stay in a simple and inexpensive room. Some need facilities such as meeting rooms, business centers and conference rooms if their travel is business-oriented.

  • Hotel Types and Classification

    Hotel Types and Classification

    Hotels provide accommodation along with services such as food and beverage and facilities such as recreation, conference and training arrangements and the organization of formal or private parties. Each hotel has a unique feature associated with it.

  • Hotel Organizational Structure

    Hotel Organizational Structure

    To achieve its vision, mission, goals and objectives, every hotel needs a formal structure known as the organizational structure. The structure defines the distribution of responsibility and authority among the company's management staff and employees. It determines the form and scope of roles, power, and responsibilities and determines how information flows between different organizational levels. This structure depends entirely on the purpose of the organization and the strategies chosen to achieve them.

  • History of Hotels

    History of Hotels

  • How to Choose a Hotel

    How to Choose a Hotel

    Knowing how to choose a hotel that's right for you will make a huge difference in your travel experience. If you're choosing a resort, you'll likely spend a fair amount of time in your hotel.

  • Adapazarı Hotel

    Adapazarı Hotel

  • Hotel Guest Room Types

    Hotel Guest Room Types

    A hotel sells a combination of accommodation, food, beverage, and other services and facilities to its guests. The main accommodation product is the room, which is among the main resources for the hotel. Other amenities and benefits such as ambiance, decor, in-room amenities and security are add-ons that play an important role in pricing services.