• Adapazarı Hotel Selection

    Adapazarı Hotel Selection

    Adapazarı district is the central district of Sakarya and our guests outside the city are Sakarya or Adapazarı by us? The question has always existed.

  • Tricks of Economic Accommodation

    Tricks of Economic Accommodation

    For an affordable hotel experience, Roof 264 is for you. We are working with all our strength to provide you with a more economical accommodation experience by minimizing energy and personnel expenses, which are the biggest expense items in hotel management.

  • Searching for a Hotel in Sakarya

    Searching for a Hotel in Sakarya

    If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels in Sakarya, you are at the right place. Roof 264 is located in Serdivan district of Sakarya province and is a budget hotel.

  • Hotels near Sapanca

    Hotels near Sapanca

    Roof 264, which is among the hotels close to Sapanca, is only 20 km from Sapanca. It is one of the hotels where you can safely stay in big hotels in Sapanca without paying big Mevlans.

  • Finding a Hotel in Serdivan

    Finding a Hotel in Serdivan

    Roof 264, located in Serdivan district of Sakarya, is a hotel where guests, who are invited to participate in scientific, cultural and social activities organized by Sakarya University, with their members, retirees, students and relatives, can stay peacefully and safely.

  • Sakarya An Earthquake Zone

    Sakarya An Earthquake Zone

    Since Sakarya is located in the first degree earthquake zone, these studies are of great importance for Sakarya.

  • Serdivan Hotel

    Serdivan Hotel

    ROOF 264 Hotel & Suites Serdivan Hotel ...

  • Sakarya Hotel

    Sakarya Hotel

    Bringing a new color to the Sakarya hotel understanding, Roof 264 is among the first preferred hotels with its location.

  • Adapazarı Hotel

    Adapazarı Hotel